Over the past 25 years and with over 50 million albums sold, Italian singer, writer and instrumentalist, Eros Ramazzotti (born October 28, 1963 in Rome’s Cinecitta) still has the same passion as in the days when his popular song ”Terra Promessa” (Promised Land) spread like wildfire throughout Europe . Two years after the publication of his greatest hits album “e2” (ten times platinum and winner of the 2007 best-selling CD in Italy), Eros is back with his eleventh album, “Ali e Radici”. Ramazzotti produced the album himself (with Claudio Guidetti) and wrote the musical lyrics with Adelio Cogliati and Guidetti.

The eleven songs - with a bonus track “Linda e il Mare” which is available exclusively on iTunes – have the same international sound that has always distinguished his work. The album “Ali e Radici” offers a double musical coloring: the duo of Ramazzotti / Guidetti is supported by the enchanting electronic soinds of Michele Canova Iorfida, who co-produced six songs on the CD. Compared with previous works, the lyrics deal with much greater attention and interest in social issues such as the inability of people to communicate with each other and the escalation of violence – violence both between people and in nature. The lyrics primarily reflect Eros Ramazzotti’s journey through life, particularly dealing with his development as an artist.

The first single, “Parla Con Me” is like a beacon at night, standing on an ocean where people have an inability to communicate. “I wanted to enter into a dialogue with the younger generation that has seemingly lost its orientation and unfortunately in a world that seems to offer no future,” said Eros. “It’s the same model as in “Terra Promessa”, only 25 years later: We had ideals we wanted to reach whereas it seems now difficult to find even an ideal that you can believe in. In order not to waste the best years of your life, you must find the strength to open up others, and express your doubts, worries and pain. After all, you kill the pain by not letting it numb your heart.”

The video for “Parla Con Me,” which was filmed by director Mark Klas Field in Los Angeles, immerses the viewer into the reality of communication in today’s society . It is the message that the benefits to use of technical possibilities, but without abusing them or subordinate. “The world moves too fast: computers and cell phones have frozen relations of people to each other. The technique turns out to be for my generation as a kind of boomerang: it has given us great freedom, but we must learn to deal with it. We encapsulate ourselves from the world, yet we should share our feelings. We have to find a way out and the passion, emotion and desire to be ourselves to rediscover.”

The album “Ali e Radici” ends with an earnest and slightly disturbing trilogy of socially significant songs. “Nessuno Escluso” calls attention to the pressing need to examine our consciences. “Gli Occhi Non Possiamo Chiudere” is a categorical imperative, which states that it is no longer possible to pretend that there are no horrors like the abuse of children and women, or the destruction of nature. Finally “Come Gioielli”, an anthem of hope, addresses the real values of Eros. “We need to reclaim our future treasures that we must include it in our hearts, in order to “protect against the Pirates in each city.”

“What’s happening in the world, everyone can see,” Eros said in reference to the song “Nessuno Escluso”, “and each of us should examine his own conscience. The blame can not always lie with others. We’ve all maybe made a mistake or two. We urgently need to change our direction, otherwise the failure of humanity affects us all. No one is spared.

“One of the reasons for the deterioration of the human soul is the indifference towards others, especially how when one behaves when you look like the cowardly Don Abbondio of Manzoni’s novel, “The Betrothed “, while an increasingly frequent abuse of power, especially the most vulnerable members of society fall victim to. “We can behave unbridled violence against non-neutral. The situation is serious and the solution is very complicated, but we can not close our eyes to it. For a reaction, it is never too late. Sooner or later, our conscience will turn back on. It is an ironic and sad to think that exactly will be the awakening of our conscience the really disturbing news. ” In “Come Gioielli”, Eros uses a typical fairy-tale style, to address social problems, as earlier in memorable songs like “Favola” or ” Piccola Pietra “. “The smile of a child, the kiss of a mother, a fraternal gesture, a drop of clear water or a piece of gold from a still unpoisoned earth … That to me is the precious jewelry that is protected under all circumstances. That is our guarantee for a better future. These are the values on which we can build a more compassionate world. ”

The decision to release the CD “Ali e Radici” without using plastic packaging, is a pragmatic gesture for a better future. The lavish booklet features an elegant and refined collection of photos that combine the texts of the eleven songs with poetic and romantic images that Bruce Weber has taken in Florida. The genius of contemporary photography has shown through his lens the most intimate and personal side of Eros.

Among Weber’s photograhy is a delightful close-up image of Eros with a golden eagle in the background, which illustrates the theme of the title track “Ali e Radici”. “I named the album after this song because my state of mind, he comes closest, and I think that many people will just go like this. The eternal conflict between the desire for freedom and the desire for stability and security. Ali E Radici ‘: If you want to fly, you must know your roots.”

Pablo Neruda wrote, “You can cut all the flowers, but they will never dominate the spring” The piece “Il Cammino exhorts” us, never from the right path. as a person astray, no matter what are the obstacles we meet. “Listen, never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Even if we think that we can no longer continue, the path lies before us. We can continue … We must continue “. And on the journey we should all appreciate our experience and make notes. In “Appunti e note” is the search of an author after the yet unwritten end of the sentence as a symbol of wanting to improve. Only then is it really possible for the inevitable decline as long as possible to delay.”

In the song “Affetti Personali”, Eros celebrates the true, close friendship (“A life without friends is unthinkable, just like a life without music”). The three remaining songs are the love in completely different disguises. The radiant love in “L’Orizzonte”: “. After many days of clouds in the sky clears the horizon and feeds the strong hope that this love is the right.” The invigorating and all-consuming love in “Bucaneve”: “A flower in the winter to life and awakens suddenly in the heart of a man of middle age is flourishing. He has in his life had many experiences and has become disillusioned by it. But he wants this innocence to rediscover its soul to certain feelings again experience aware of mutual indifference embossed love in “Controvento”. A relationship that – accompanied to communicate from misunderstandings and the inability – to maintain for too long has been. A love that is dying with each day a little more until it comes to the bitter end and evil, as one goes from two. Just like that… Without a word.”

The album “Ali e Radici offers” two different musical approaches: the lively sounding instrumental style in the pieces that Eros Ramazzotti with Claudio Guidetti produced has, as well as the more electronic sound of the pieces from Michele Canova, who also Tiziano Ferro has worked, and Jovanotti Giusy Ferreri. Taken as a whole, “Ali e Radici” an album with an international sound that covers a broad musical spectrum: from strings, like on the single “Parla Con Me” gentle and compassionate, or, as in “Appunti e note” wild and explosive sound, for pure adrenaline in electronic “Gli Occhi Non Possiamo Chiudere”. Of the six-octave ballad “Il Cammino” over the solemn R & B song “Controvento” and rock accents on “Bucaneve” and “Ali e Radici” the drum sound in “Affetti Personali.” From the lively pop in “Nessuno Escluso” on the classical influences in “Come Gioielli” to the piano and string arrangements on “L’Orizzonte” that were at the end of the recording hailed by the musicians of the London Session Orchestra.

The string sequences in produced by the Guidetti Ramazzotti and songs have been recorded in the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. The arrangement is by Paul Buckmaster, the “L’Orizzonte” also co-produced the song. The strings on the tracks were produced by Canova played and arranged by Davide Rossi, who has worked in the past, including with Coldplay.

Beside the eleven songs on the CD “Ali e Radici” there is the ballad “Linda e il Mare” who co-produced by Michele Canova and was available exclusively as an iTunes download is. “Linda feels a kind of hate-love for the sea, because it reminds them of a love story that began and ended and there is not yet complete. Every time she comes to the sea, she hopes to see him. But at the same time she is afraid of the encounter, because she has suffered so much and can not categorize their feelings.”


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